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How to Choose an SMS Service Provider Text message service..

Messaging – My Most Valuable Tips

How to Choose an SMS Service Provider

Text message service providers provide their subscribers with a platform that allows them to send text messages to people.An SMS reseller is a person who specializes in buying SMS messages in bulk so that in the end, the price of each SMS message has a low price. Clients then buy SMS messages from SMS resellers at a higher price.

Therefore, you should note that these are not mobile network operators’ but individual or companies that specialize in selling SMS messaging services. For those looking for text message providers, here is what you should consider.


How much does their service cost? There are two categories of SMS service providers and it all depends on how much you are willing to spend. The two classes are the credit class and the SMS based class.

In the first case, customers buy credits from text message service companies. In this category the amount you pay depends on the number of SMS you sent and your location. In the SMS based class, you will buy bulk SMS messages and the cost of sending them will remain constant regardless of the number you send and the destination.

Don’t forget to ask if there are hidden costs regardless of the class you choose. There are SMS providers out there that have hidden charges that you won’t find in their pricing pages.Most cheap SMS providers have extra charges that you won’t find on their pricing page.


No one reads terms and condition, but you should never ignore them when selecting an SMS gateway service-provider. For example, some text message services provides may require customers to buy a certain number of credits per month. If you are just starting off, it is advisable to go for an SMS provider that does not have any conditions, which require you to meet a certain purchase requirement.
This way, you will always have the freedom to buy what compliments your needs and wants.

Expiry date:

In some cases, some providers make it mandatory for subscribers to use up the SMS messages within a specified time period.After this the specified period is over, you can no longer use your SMS messages. Such companies may be too limiting in case of small, scrawny companies and business owners who are new to the SMS world.

Which areas do they cover:

You want to choose a provider who covers all the areas where you will be sending your SMS messages. Network coverage is important; you should not ignore it. Thankfully, the best messaging service firms invest a great amount of money in network infrastructure to enhance your experience.

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