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Stages Of Home Construction Home construction is a process that..

Practical and Helpful Tips: Builders

Stages Of Home Construction

Home construction is a process that has different stages but not many know what is done. As long as the house you want is completed, then there is no need for you to know what is done, right? Some of the advantages of knowing the stages followed in construction is that you can be able to estimate how much the whole construction will cost, the manpower need, and also the total hours consumed. This is not a comprehensive detailed article, but at least you will have an idea of what goes on in construction of homes.

There must be floor plans for the whole building before construction commences. After these plans have been developed and finalized, they must be submitted to the municipal officer. After the officer has reviewed and approved the plans, then a building permit is issued. Other than inspecting the site, the homebuilders must test the soil, carry out other environmental tests and also establish the capacity of the ground.

At the land where the construction is to take place, thorough preparation is to be made. The topmost soil is removed. Next, excavation is done. What follows is the formation and pouring of the footings which are concrete slabs that will support the foundation. Next, the wall foundations are created. At this stage, the homebuilders might need your input on the design of floors.

This is a process of erecting a framing skeleton. The use of exterior sheeting in framing is most common even though there are other techniques. It is in this third stage that the doors and windows are fitted. It is important to note that the frames can also be constructed on the ground and once done, they are lifted in place.

In this stage, if the house being constructed will have a basement, then the basement floor is constructed and installed. One more thing that will be done at this stage is electrical wiring, heating and cooling not forgetting the plumbing works. It is also at this stage where the municipal comes in to do the inspection. Any mistake noticed by the safety inspector is rectified before the job continues and this ensures that the house is safe and up to the required standard.

Exterior Works and The Interior
This is the fourth stage of construction. Here, proper scheduling must be observed because both the exterior and interior works will be done at the same time. On the exterior, the insulation is done, heating and cooling systems properly installed. The blockage of the water vapor is set up at this point of the construction. The beautification of the side of the house is done at this stage. The wardrobes with the draws and those that are just for hanging are set up and the floor is plastered permanently at this stage.

The above are just a few of the numerous things that happen in the construction of a house and that need to be kept in mind. The constructor taking care of building your home must also keep in touch with you to give you regular updates of the whole process.

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